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Treatment of the consequences of inflammatory, toxic and other diseases of the peripheral nervous system in the Ust-Kachka sanatorium

To get really worthwhile results in the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, it is necessary to undergo a specialized course of treatment. And it's best to do it at the resort.

Sanatorium-resort treatment of these diseases consists in the application of a set of procedures. The main ones are taking hydrogen sulfide or bromide baths, ozone therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, morning hygienic gymnastics. Additional treatments are: the Dead Sea pool, Charcot, Vichy and circular showers, mud therapy, massage, manual therapy, etc.

The Ust-Kachka sanatorium is not only famous for its high-class doctors, but also excellent procedures. The completed course of treatment will have an effective effect on your body. You will not only cure the diseases that bother you, but also help prevent the possible appearance of new ones. Modern equipment, clean air, friendly staff. From all this, you will get an excellent result.


  • Diseases of the nervous system of infectious, vascular, traumatic, demyelinating nature in acute, as well as in any period of the disease, accompanied by severe disorders in the motor sphere, preventing independent movement and significant disorders of the pelvic organs
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Syringomyelia and syringomyelic syndromes with pronounced motor, sensory and trophic disorders
  • Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases of the nervous system in the progressive course of the disease, with motor disorders that prevent independent movement and self-care, with pelvic disorders and dementia.

Treatment results

  • Normalization of the immune system
  • Therapy of psychosomatic disorders
  • Complete elimination of pain syndrome
  • Restoring damaged functions
  • General restoration of health.

Consequences of lack of treatment

Treatment of diseases of this group is much easier to prevent than to treat. With insufficient attention, you can get a decrease in immunity, avitominous conditions, a violation of the functioning of individual organs.
Последствиями воспалительных, токсических и других заболе­ваний периферической нервной системы считаются следующие болезни: полиневропатия, полирадикулоневропатия с синдромами двигательных, чувстви­тельных и вегетативных нарушений.

Spa programs

from 11 to 18 days
Reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations of neuroses, depression, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases...
Spa treatment (adults)
from 11 to 21 days
Reduction or elimination of clinical manifestations of the disease, improvement of well-being.
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